Welcome to ACQUISITION Games.  The 500 MEGAcquire games have become history with thousands of true ACQUIRE fans being able to experience the excitement of an expanded and enhanced game experience.  The ACQUISITION Games website is still your source for Vintage ACQUIRE game parts and Vintage ACQUIRE Games and enhancements.  After two attempts to reproduce MEGAcquire in the form of MEGAcquisitions, it has been decided to change direction and produce the game of ACQUISITIONS.  It will be an exciting new adventure for the ACQUIRE fan.

MEGAcquire Currency

MEGAcquire includes four denominations of currency:  $100, $500, $1,000 and $5,000 bills.  There are forty (40) $100 bills, forty (40) $500 bills, eighty (80) $1,000 bills and sixty (60) $5,000 bills.


  • $100 Currency
  • $500 Currency
  • $1,000 Currency
  • $5,000 Currency