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The Acquisition Games website is derived from my long desire to promote and enhance Sid Sackson's game of ACQUIRE. Sackson's inspiration for designing games was simplistic; he would use interesting ideas from other games and then build upon those. He considered ACQUIRE his best and most successful creation. Acquisition Games proudly promotes the game of ACQUIRE and carries on Sackson's tradition by simply building on his best creation.

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MEGAcquire GOLD is an exciting journey of strategy and luck, for three to six players, through the corporate world of building empires and wealth. Live in the world of fun and fortune as you maneuver to outwit your opponents. Build and merge companies while shrewdly buying, trading, and selling stocks to become the wealthiest player.

MEGAcquire GOLD will appeal to players of any age who like the feeling of power that is acquired through achievement. It is recommended for ages 13 and up, but cannot be limited in age because of the early possession of business savvy that can be found in younger players. Average playing time is two to three hours, but shorter time limits can easily be set.

History of ACQUIRE

One of the most extensive sections of the Acquisition Games website is the "History of ACQUIRE" section. In this section you will find articles that take you from the Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE all the way through to Hasbro's 2016 edition of ACQUIRE, which sadly puts the current failures of the corporate world on full display.

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