Acquisition Games is creating a board game called ASTORIA-opoly to be sold at the Deals Only store in Astoria Oregon. This will be the First Edition and we will be making 1,000 copies. Many of the tourists that wander into Deals Only are looking for Astoria memorabilia and we felt that this is a golden opportunity to illustrate the town of Astoria. This game will be able to be sold at  any other store or business that would desire to have it available at their location. The squares on the board will highlight the different business's in town and the board and box will highlight various landmarks and qualities of the beautiful town of Astoria.

We have drawn up a very rough draft of the box and board. The final draft will contain more pictures of the local area scattered throughout the box and board. We have taken the liberty of filling the 22 "property" squares on the game board with local business's. These are not business's that have committed to this project, they are just there to show how the overall concept of this game board will play out. We hope that if you see your business on the board, you will like the project and decide to keep your business on the board by sponsoring the property square.

The "property" squares on the board are the squares that contain a colored rectangular bar at the top of the square. These are the properties that can have houses and motels built on them during the course of the game. To purchase the advertising on a property square for your business the cost will be $650. If you break that down to the cost per game for 1,000 games, your cost comes to 65 cents per game. This is an advertisement that will last a lifetime as the games will be stored and played for years to come. A board game usually needs to be severely damaged before it is ever discarded. These property squares will be sold on a first come first serve basis and you will also receive two copies of ASTORIA-opoly when production of the game is complete.

If you are unable to justify the $650 for a property square but you are still interested in sponsoring ASTORIA-opoly, then for $100 you can sponsor a Column Collectable card. There are three Column Collectable squares on the game board and the players draw a Column Collectable card when they land on one of those squares. We can tailor a Column Collectable card to advertise and highlight your business.

If you are interested in selling ASTORIA-opoly in your business after the game is produced, the wholesale price will be $13.88 with a suggested retail price of $30. Opportunities to sponsor this game will be on a first come first serve basis.