The Inventor of ACQUIRE

Sid Sackson
Sid Sackson and his
legendary games collection
(photo courtesy of Nick Koudis)

Sid Sackson, the creator of ACQUIRE, was obsessed with improving on games he had received from his mother. When he was a young boy, he would receive a new game from her every week. He took a game called, Lotto, and turned it into a solitaire game of empires. Subsequently, he took the solitaire game of Lotto that he had created, and turned it into a multi-player game he called, Vacation - The Game of Hotels, which was purchased by the 3M company who changed the name to ACQUIRE.

Sackson understood that his inspirations for designing a game were simplistic; he would just build upon things that he found interesting. His friend, Derek Carver of England, told me, "If he saw a design of somebody else's that embodied interesting ideas that he thought he might use, out would come his notebook, and the details would be recorded."

Sackson considered ACQUIRE his best and most successful creation, and through the work of the Acquisition Games website, I am proudly promoting the game of ACQUIRE while carrying on his tradition by simply building on his best creation and making the results available for anybody who is interested.

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